PHOTOS: Housewives bikini bodies "We congratulate Gretchen and Slade on their engagement and are excited to see it play out on the show," a Bravo spokesperson tells Us.Rossi had previously hinted that she wouldn't mind reversing the roles and popping the question to the father of two, whose exes include former star Jo de la Rosa.Jokes Rossi's TV frenemy Alexis Bellino to Us: "I guess she decided to buy instead of lease, which is good!

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This whole world of diamonds and luxury, I just wasn't in that place. "I'm not into that stuff," she added, "the show really portrayed me as such.

At the end of the day, whatever makes good TV is the way they're going to cut it." De La Rosa appeared in the first two seasons of "Housewives," then left when she moved out of the enclave to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career.

Jo De La Rosa felt like the black sheep of the original "Real Housewives of Orange County." Now she's hoping her new dating show for Bravo helps change some of those misconceptions.

Production began last week on the first of eight episodes of "Date My Ex," a dating series with a launch targeted for this summer.

"I feel like, on the show, people either loved me or they loved to hate me.

Either way, they still watched, so it was like their guilty pleasure. "A guy doesn't always have to do it," the thrice-engaged star has said."We have a good love story," Rossi told Us last year. And though Rossi's costars tell Us they didn't let them in on her plan to propose, they support the move.De La Rosa said she never expected to be a celebrity and doesn't consider herself one.She initially didn't want to do "Housewives," but Smiley convinced her to go along for the ride. "Being in love with him, you want to make your boyfriend happy." De La Rosa and the rest of the women on the show were able to capitalize on the frenzy around wives started by ABC's "Desperate Housewives." In the process, De La Rosa became the vixen of the group, with one episode suggesting she was coming on to the son of another wife, which didn't sit well with all fans."I was in a very different place in my life," she said.