Then I fell in love with a man because all we did was laugh and get along—and we are still together. If you are a people-pleaser or have narcissistic qualities, this will be strange to you. Each person must have realistic expectations for how happiness should come from the relationship: not too much, and not too little.The hallmark of a healthy relationship is being with someone who can give us as much as we give them. We tend to romanticize relationships because of the happy endings we see in so many movies, but life is not like this.But we can take steps to actively cultivate patience in ourselves, and seek out this quality in a partner. Many people tend to have an “all or nothing” mentality: they either want a relationship to be exciting all the time or else not at all.

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It means pulling out the calendar and making dates.

It means lovingly sitting down together after a hard day of work.

Love avoidants have rigid boundaries and won’t let you in. How can an intimate relationship feel good if we aren’t special to each other?

What we need is someone who let us in, but knows when they need some space to take care of themselves. You come together and pull apart as the relationship unfolds. Devotion means choosing to spend special time with our partner so we feel each other’s devotion.

The majority of our happiness should come from a healthy relationship with ourselves.

We should also have friendships and family relationships that bring us happiness. The key is finding the balance here: we can’t depend on our relationship for too much happiness and we should not settle for too little.When it comes to the children, it will be easier if you both agree on the parenting style, as this can avoid needless conflict within the whole family system. Patience is one of those things that comes and goes.You don’t have to agree about everything—just what’s most important to you. We are all human, and no one will be calm and understanding in all situations. It is important to accept the fact that there will be days when the relationship seems very ordinary—even boring.Even when your internet-arranged outing seems memorable as can be - for better or worse - you sometimes lose a detail or two.With the help of this guided journal from Chronicle Books, you can pen a small autobio, followed by what you're looking for, and how you'd like to challenge yourself in the quest for companionship.Make a decision to stay involved if things are going well most of the time. It is also important to have “ease” in a relationship—while at the same time, understanding that no relationship is perfect or easy all the time. Love avoidants want to run for the hills, while others might overreact and start a big fight. A sense of reciprocity, or “give and take,” is critical to a healthy relationship.