Kelly Kelly - who's act included a striptease - roused WWE fans worldwide by admitting she would love to make an emotional return.She said: “I found out you guys were in Vegas and we have a home here so we wanted to come out and see everybody. I haven’t been back in four years so it’s so nice to see everyone and the fans.With the graduate degree in broadcast journalism, she also has contributed as television anchor in various tv shows and occupation as model for Venus Swimwear and Hawaiian Tropic.

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Her affair and dating both ended in huge tragedy with Andrew.

But the tragedy didn’t make her in depression and frustration but instead she moved ahead in her life after getting engaged with Sheldon Souray and the couples decided to get married in coming years.

Regarding her family background, Kelly’s parents were from different religious background, she was daughter of a Jewish father and Christian mother.

The kind of culture she brought was neither of Jewish nor Christian but rather it was mixed of both the culture.

Popularly known as Kelly Kelly (birth name Barbara Jean Blank) is an American model, Professional wrestling valet and professional wrestler.

Her strong hold in wrestling career poured success in her life and Kelly Kelly became her ring name.After all, she began to take part in the matches when she moved to the Raw brand.Kelly spent her most of her valuable time in the field of wrestling career and after her contract was expired she moved to make her first independent wrestling show presence for North East Wrestling.Sheldon Souray professionally is ice hockey player and the future husband of Kelly.Kelly’s body measurements comprises with an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches tall, hot and sexy figure, slim legs, wide hips and flat belly that gives her a perfect shape and size to be wrestler.During her beginning career as wrestler, she was first sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to achieve a formal training and debuted on the ECW brand as dancer.