“I can’t say I noticed the physical effects of the colonic,” says the two-time Grammy winner whose ’80s hits include “Footloose” and “I’m Alright.” “But I did notice something else”—the “peaches-and-cream complexion” of the therapist, Julia Cooper.

In the season three opener, which was released last week, we revisit Frankie as she opens her exhibition with the help of her best friend Grace (Jane Fonda).

Sol sheepishly attends the opening night, misguidedly bringing Loggins along as a peace offering to Frankie.

Nine months in gestation (the symbolism is intentional), Life is based on entries from the couple’s separate journals.

Kenny, 49, and Julia, 42, hope to show others how to reach the marital joys they’ve achieved.

But relationship counselor Joyce Breasure says it promotes the very honesty she recommends—”because thoughts will build up on the back burner and later explode like an atom bomb.” Not all couples, she adds, should be as brutally candid as Julia and Kenny.

He, for instance, confesses to times when he finds his wife unappealing.

GRACE AND FRANKIE SEASON 4 RELEASE DATEHis hits include Footloose, I’m Alright (from Caddyshack) and Danger Zone (from Top Gun).

In 1985 Loggins appeared on We Are the World, the charity single written by his friend Michael Jackson.

But in the season two finale, Sol (Sam Waterston) revealed the truth, that he had lied about Loggins to help Frankie believe that she was “a real artist”.