The Ramones, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (1976) The Ramones wanted to do many things: sniff glue, be sedated, get shock treatment. Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody” (1998) Aaliyah’s smooth-as-silk breathy whisper-singing and Timbaland’s sexy beats keep this song firmly in the sexy pantheon. And as far as louche pickup lines go, there’s no better verse than “We could go and get 40s / Fuck going to that party / Oh really, your folks are away now?

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Kelly, “Ignition (Remix)” (2003) “Take my key and stick it in the ignition” is quite possibly the least sexy thing you could say, but this song would totally get a person into bed because it’s fucking hilarious, and funny means smart, and smart means sexy.

Sam Cooke, “Wonderful World” (1960) Lest we worry too much about his academic prowess, Sam assures that that he’s versed in the most important math of all, stating, “I do know one and one is two.” And at the end of the day, I’m not going to be too critical of his intellect because, ultimately, I don’t really care what he’s saying so long as he’s singing. Everything about this song is sexy — if you can’t get laid with this, you’re beyond everyone’s help.

Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, “Valerie” (2007) Mark who? Jim Morrison is ablaze with sexual desire and, presumably, drugs, which was confirmed when Ed Sullivan wouldn’t allow him to sing the suggestive and inflammatory line “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher.” But Morrison did it anyway, solidifying himself as a bad boy just looking for a light. And then he drops the bomb: let’s spend the night together.

The Doors, “Light My Fire” (1967) This song hardly needs an explanation.

Rex, “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” (1971) Marc Bolan might have looked something like a little glam rock elf, but the monstrous swagger of this song, combined with come-ons like “You dance when you walk” make me think he was probably as good between the sheets as he was with a guitar.

All Apple wants is to be redeemed for whatever sins she may have committed against her last guy, but the road to redemption is apparently paved with a lot of dirty, sexy stones. If you’re not at least a little moved by Joey Ramone’s request, you must have a heart (and loins) of stone. But they found time between those cartoonishly punk activities for a sweetly yearning ode to puppy-dog love. It’s sexy because it reminds us of our secret adolescent sexual feelings; of the smell of Old Spice and hairspray, and not quite understanding how sex works, but knowing that it was sort of like slow dancing but nakeder and that we wanted it. Fiona Apple, “Criminal” (1998) It’s practically impossible to separate the audio of this track from that uber-sexy video. Well, maybe the thing you’re anticipating, but you get my drift. Martin Scorsese got it wrong in — the first half of this song is the dark, kind of scary part, and the second is all soft focus and satin sheets. And though Robert Smith’s yowl is hardly an instrument of seduction, the line “You think you’re tired now / but wait until three” has enough manliness to it to make me quiver girlishly. Her catalog has a lot of “done me wrong” songs, but this one is just so pleading, so pure, that it stands out like a beehive hairdo in a sea of crewcuts.