-- but no one seems to have a record of an incident involving the Dallas Cowboys running back. that the only arrest in that area was for public intoxication, but it wasn't related to Zeke.

“Dawn and I sacrificed to provide a high quality education for Ezekiel and his sisters,” Stacy told 5 Points Blue on the day following Round 1 of the NFL Draft. Our family vacations were AAU national track championships held in places across the country.” Now Ezekiel is giving back to his mom, dad, and sisters.

“We’re a middle class family trying to provide an upper class education and lifestyle for our children. “It just feels really good to reward my mom,” he told the Dallas Morning News.

PM PT -- Dallas PD was filmed by multiple news cameras arriving at Clutch Bar this afternoon ...

but cops were tight lipped about the exact reason for their visit, and where the case stands.

He was not at the club by the time they tried to look for him.

Cops said, based on the lack of information and the fact the accuser appeared to be intoxicated, no arrests were made.There is buzz on social media that the incident is a fight and Elliott was the aggressor -- but at this point, no one we've spoken with can confirm that.We've reached out to Elliott's camp -- so far, no word back.Carland insists that her daughter did not have a persistent drug problem.She believes she made one bad mistake on one bad night.Gullikson, her cheerleading coach, talked about how Cogswell had taught friends to face fears, to be outrageous, to fly. Butler said Cogswell had taught people to "embrace their weird," because when you are at your weirdest, you are usually most happy."Dani should be remembered as a person who didn't try to stuff herself into a mold," Butler said, "because she knew it would never work."After the service, mourners went outside and wrote messages to Cogswell on helium-filled red balloons. Former U of L football player Hunter Bowles, one of Cogswell's closest friends, wrote "Love you, little sis."Alex Cogswell and her mother wrote, "I love you to the moon and back."'DON'T WEEP'As Dani's friends and family members grieve, they are conscious of maintaining an attachment.