The dead man was very rich and hid his treasure inside the castle. He returns from the dead to kill his greedy relatives... In Italian language and now with English subtitles! Family disputes, unwanted pregnancy, financial ruin, adultery, suicide, banishment etc. Kind of like ' Mutiny on the Bounty' except in the desert. A fight to keep cavalry horses from being replaced by tanks culminates in a great race between man and beast. Stars Madge Evans, Preston Foster, James Gleason and H. Warner BA (57) George (Babyface) Nelson (Mickey Rooney in a stand-out performance) becomes one of the most important gangsters of 1930's Chicago by making brutal robberies. He and the boys go to the farm to check it out, and find themselves mixed up with feuding hillbillies and a gang of bank robbers.... Gangster type buys a small bankrupt town to exploit it for personal gain.

Look for Dwight Frye as Gravet ' The Jackal'. In order to compete with Al Capone he allies himself with John (Leo Gordon) Dillinger. He moves in others of his ilk, and the jail becomes quite a place.

But while the nature of the three sex scenes is under debate, Lawrence's four-letter words do not feature in the new adaptation as Mercurio did not see them as "groundbreaking" anymore."That battle has been won.

" Madden told the Press Association in March."All that stigma, all that smut's gone and it's actually it's just about these three people which is the fascinating story of it.

There's sex and passion in it but we're not going to shock people like the book did." There will, however, be one scene in which Lady Chatterley runs to Mellors in the middle of a storm, wearing only her nightdress.

Ample-bosomed teenage comedy with the works : bikinis, parties, a nerd, a fatso. In flash-back we learn that after a nuclear catastrophe, these two were living in an artificial paradise.

John Carradine has a small role as a retired Judge who gives the kids advice. They decide to leave the shelter, and encounter an apocalyptic world. (71) MFTV movie from "The Name of the Game" TV series. Publisher Glenn Howard is returning in his car from the Sierra Pines Conference on world ecological issues.

(70) Two episodes from the forgotten short-lived British thriller show! Next episode is called Ride, Ride and stars Susan George. BA- Ernie's Uncle Gabriel has just died but to claim his inheritance he must spend the night in his ancestral home with the rest of his relatives.

- Fun filled British exploitation sex-scare film that has nice looking girls in sexual situations.... With Shirley Eaton, Donald Pleasence, Dennis Price, Michael Gough. BA(36) United Airlines pilot Fred Macmurray is looking and chasing after a blonde with a secret (Joan Bennett), partly to win a bet he made partly because he has the hots for her....(34) A sponge diver (Lon Chaney Jr., as his earlier name Creighton Chaney) hopes to make enough money to buy his own boat and marry his girlfriend. See Lon with a meaty role when he was still in his twenties! Cool creaky old flick, despite the tiny propaganda slant…. The Baby Faced Butcher That Lined ' Em Up- Chopped ' Em Down and Terrorized a Nation! A young girl living on an island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice!BAA family heads to an old Scottish castle for the reading of a will. Robert Newton, James Mason, Deborah Kerr, Emlyn Williams, Henry Oscar and Enid Stamp-Taylor BA(38) Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt. Dark mood, kind of like ' I Walked with a Zombie' except way earlier. BA(52) Sach discovers that he is heir to a farm in rural hillbilly country.Bread and water is replaced with champagne and steak.Crooks are seeking protection from more strict law elsewhere.Dario Argento regular Daria Nicolodi stars as the look-alike/reincarnation of a Greek Goddess/Femme Fatale in this compactly told (at about an hour) supernatural tale. Especially the reputedly troubled kid Ken revolts against his former friend and encourages the other members to join him in forming an entirely new and much "meaner" gang.....