“He became my Friend Who I Almost But Never Exactly Dated, or FWIABNED.

Later growing up in northern Virginia, Graham loved to ride horses and competed in equestrian events.

She graduated from Barnard College with a degree in English literature.

De Generes helped Graham turn her novel Someday, Someday, Maybe into a pilot script, and also commissioned another pilot from Graham.

So, naturally, Graham decided she wanted to impress Ellen.

In this era of artfully staged paparazzi shots and red-carpet arrivals, it's a rare thing for a reporter to be invited inside a star's home.

For a celeb to have you over, actually cook for you, and send you off with a gourmet doggie bag?Graham received numerous accolades for her work on the series, including Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations.. Nelson among an ensemble cast, was based on the 1989 Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen film of the same name and followed the travails of an extended family. Lauren Graham has had a successful career as an actress, novelist, and even TV writer."I'm making a little avocado salsa for us," she explains, expertly chopping tomatoes. ") Needless to say, my celebrity salsa is a huge hit, and not just because it was prepared by TV's favorite school-lunch-maker.Later, when I mention that I'm heading from her house to a friend's barbecue, Lauren insists I take a Tupperware container of the dip and some spicy tortilla chips. If Lauren is feeling a bit extra domestic these days, there's a reason: After spending her 30s so wrapped up in work that she back-burnered her romantic life, she has finally found love, with her Parenthood costar Peter Krause.Graham didn’t see Gilmore Girls’s famous final four words coming, and she doesn’t think they feel so final. It was pretty messy, and luckily for Lauren Graham, she managed to forget all of it: For example, apparently during this season Christopher and Lorelai get married in Paris. Fans may have pestered Graham and her other cast members about the possibility of a Gilmore reunion ever since the show went off the air in 2007, but it seems that things didn’t start to take shape until late 2014, when Sherman-Palladino got lunch with Graham and started discussing what became the beginnings of the revival.