Convinced that there is more to the case than meets the eye, Spooner investigates further, and finds a robot in the room Lanning fell from. The film itself notes in the credits that it was only "suggested" by the book, as opposed to "Inspired by", or "Based on".

It should be noted that - its connections to the work of Isaac Asimov are the results of heavy Executive Meddling to turn it into a Dolled-Up Installment.

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Kelley opened fire on the group of parishioners Sunday morning, killing 26 and injuring 20.

Sheriff Joe Tackitt of Wilson County described the gory scene inside the blood splattered church where the bodies of children and their parents were strewn across the pews.'Wherever you walked in the church, there was death,' he told the assembled local press on Monday.'It was just horrific,' he added. It's hard enough to see adults, but when you see babies, little ones, I'm talking 3, 4, 5, 6 years old. It's just hard.'Tackitt said went officers went inside they saw pools of blood which led back towards the dead and dying parishioners.

New details about the Texas church shooter paint the picture of a menacing bully, who was prone to violent outbursts and had a disturbing interest in teen girls.

Public records detail Devin Patrick Kelley's history of physical abuse - including arrests for animal cruelty and domestic violence.

The woman named Susan said police were called to the mobile home park when Kelley was caught hitting his pit bull puppy.

When police arrived at the park, Kelley refused to come out of his trailer, causing an hour-long standoff.It was never intended as an adaptation of Asimov's work, and you'll enjoy it much more if you keep that in mind.Despite the presence of this, director Alex Proyas has stated that it's "highly unlikely" there will ever be a sequel. Kelly was also on bad terms with his wife's mother, Michelle Shields, who was a member of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs where the massacre took place on Sunday.At an afternoon press conference, police revealed that Kelley had 'expressed anger towards his mother-in-law' and sent her 'threatening texts'.Michelle wasn't present at the church on Sunday when the massacre unfolded, but her mother - Lula Woicinski White - was and is among the victims.