So before you spend a lot of time and money trying to enforce your Judgment it’s worthwhile to first discover if your ex has the ability to comply.(Your discovery process might include informal legwork or formal discovery tools like subpoenas, interrogatories, document demands, requests for admissions, etc.) The method you use for enforcing your divorce judgment depends on the type of order (e.g.

These reasons include, among others, evasive and/or broke exes, uncooperative third parties and technical legal procedures.

If you are facing an enforcement conundrum and wondering where/how to begin, I offer these three practical tips, which are drawn from my professional enforcement measures taken as a family law trial attorney.

Relationships are exciting and wonderful but they are also a full-time job. Here are 10 couples therapy tips to get ready for your first session. Research Think about what your goals are and what you both want to achieve. Investigate the different types of couples therapy and what they involve.

And unless you are willing to put in the effort, you’ll never get a true happy ending. The American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT) is great place to start.

If you are dealing with an ex who isn’t complying with the terms of your divorce judgment, you could have a lengthy, exhausting and even futile journey ahead of you.

Enforcing a judgment in California can be extremely difficult for many reasons.The writing, too, must be commended: for instance, this was one of the first network dramas to have an AIDS-driven plot line that dealt with its subject plainly, honestly and without exploitation, but most importantly sensitively.What a disservice that CBS really never gave this a chance to build an audience. Ultimately, if you’re trying to enforce a judgment or agreement you may need to make multiple attempts over long periods of time until you find full and final satisfaction.If you have questions about if and how you can enforce the terms of your California divorce judgment and would like my help, please complete the confidential form below to determine how I may serve you.Trying to enforce orders when your ex truly is incapable of complying will be like trying to get blood out of stone.