Maybe you feel sick to your stomach every time she goes out and you don’t know where she is.

A perfume which needs to be reapplied and re-experienced several times a day, to be heard and in fact listened to.

Reading "Diary of a Nose" by Ellena, you can understand his character more, and guess that he is a sensitive soul, a man who doesn't need to shout, just like his perfumes.

You see, if this composition were shouty, in-your-face like most contemporary, market-led perfumes, it just wouldn't work.

Ellena is a one-of-a-kind perfumer who believes the idea of scent needs to evolve with the times, but never in the direction of vulgarity, always in the direction of simple, understanted elegance.

First of all - I hate the bottle, but I adore the perfume. I feel mainly white flowers and gardenia, but also the slight flavor of citrus.

Perfume is wonderful for spring - when trees emit the same freshness and beauty. It's light, crisp and doesn't project beyond one's personal space.I had to laugh inside of me because I think that Mademoiselle has a similar dry down but it is louder, scratchier and overwhelming at the point of being almost unbearable whereas Jour is a smooth operator with low to moderate silage but exceptional longevity.I remember when it came out some parfumista where disappointed because it wasn't something really groundbreaking, but I really liked it because I love all Jean-Claude Ellena's scents, especially the Jardin series, and I missed something very similar, only more explicitly feminine, a sort of Jardin de Femme, for those days when you want the freshness of the Jardin fragrances but also want to feel exquisitely feminine. I love the citruses that make it refreshing, luminous and sparkling, I love the delicate white flowers that make it creamy, feminine, elegant, and I love the mysterious woods and spices that make it so exotic, so unmistakably Hermes.But he also describes how as a perfumer, he tries to see each note as devoid of any association or emotion, in order to use it as a part of a musical-like olfactory composition in which the whole perfume, not the single floral or woodsy or aquatic note, expresses an emotion.Yet you can still feel them all, just like listening to a piece by Brahms you can hear the single instruments but it is the whole composition that gives you feelings you never explored before, every single time.I have just started to like Hermes perfumes few months ago, when I bought Le jardin du Monsieur Li.