So then even if they do change the client PC proxy settings, it will do them do good because YOUR proxy is the only way out.Hello, AFAIK, is impossible block all anonymizers, they exist in several ways like web anonymizer (with http CONNECT method, over SSL, site redirector, site encapsulation, etc), socks proxy, http proxys, etc.

live updating blacklist of proxy sites-12

Personally, i'm very much against the concept of filtering, and various restrictions.

It's wrong, although i can understand that you would have to in schools to stop some very angry parents.

bloodrazor, you need to learn to think outside of the box. They have done studies and have shown that the part of the brain that is responsible for making "informed decisions" does not mature until the age of 25 on average.

You may beleive that you can check your own browsing habit, and you may, but the average school age child can't. I personally do not want my 6 year old to accidently see something because a 15 year old setup a computer to bypass normal filtering. One day hopefully you will have a child and your attitude will change.

As far as I know, BESS (along with just about every other content filter) has Control categories for Anonymizers and Anonymizing Utilities.

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You can manually block these entries, however, that all depends on how large the problem at hand is.

If it's on a small scale, the manual way isn't a bad way to go.

- Create ACL (Access Control List) in your proxy based in Deny, so all contents is blocked, and you will "allowing" with the time what is essincial, that users go showing for their job.