I love this series so much, in fact, I’ve already gotten the North American release of this book as of writing despite the European release not being out for another three weeks. and moves into the series run as a web comic in the next volume.The music video based on the manga was popular enough to have had a second animation project greenlit as well, meaning we might be one step closer to a full anime adaptation (fingers crossed! If you’ve not started reading , tells the story of Akira and Fumi, two former childhood friends who end up meeting once again.It’s a magical girl anime set in a world where there’s no evil left to be defeated.

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Most should know by now that I’m a sucker for anime games and dating sims, so when I first saw jacksepticeye playing Hunie Pop on Youtube, I was immediately intrigued. Hunie Pop is an indie game developed by the aptly-named developer, Hunie Pot.

Originally funded by Kickstarter, it appeals to the niche markets of dating sim aficionados, puzzle game addicts, and the ecchi enthusiasts of H-games. To say this game is not for the faint of heart isn’t really fair.

People might have seen the 2014 anime adaptation of the book and either be interested or turned off from the book as a result, to the latter group let me say this.

When the anime was adapted, the manga was half-way through its story.

The series was adapted into an anime in 2009 which can be watched on Crunchyroll in certain regions.

is a bit different from the main draw of the franchise.

Following that I had further hospital visits for another reason as well as a trip abroad happening in the middle of it all.

So I never had the time to sit down and get this post up in decent time.

Still, six volumes in and Saburouta‘s incest love story is still one of the most popular Girls Love stories in the west.