That was one thing that Pat never let Nancy forget!

In 1960, they moved to Elk Grove Village, and in 1961 they welcomed their daughter, Kathleen, into their hearts and home.

Although they later divorced, Pat was always grateful for the daughter she and Ed shared.

On April 20, 1974, she married David Evert, whom she had met at work.

This marriage also brought two stepchildren, Lynda and David, into her life.

After graduating from high school she attended Chicago Teacher’s College.

Not to be forgotten during her years as a young woman was Pat’s introduction to the man who would change the course of her life forever.There was never anything that was of greater importance to Pat than her family.During the 1960s and 1970s, she and her siblings and cousins often got together with their families to vacation at Michillinda Lodge in Whitehall.Family was always of the utmost importance, and a friend of Pat’s was a friend for life.Although she will be deeply missed, she leaves behind a priceless collection of stories and precious memories that will live on for generations to come. She has cheated on him with numerous amounts of men from the local town bar Sportsmans and men...