Happy Wives Club is Fawn’s journey across the world to meet new friends and discover what makes their marriages great.

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Looking at Keith, the love of her life, she knew that wasn’t true.

She was determined to find and connect with women just like her—happy and optimistic about marriage, deeply in love with her spouse, and committed to building a strong marriage that stands the test of time.

This upbeat blog is dedicated to positively changing the tone about marriage.

It has attracted more than 10 million visitors and was twice named best marriage website by (2012 & 2013).

Once I started this book I found myself not wanting to stop.

From Africa to North America (and many places in between), every single chapter chronicles an adventure through a land and a woman’s life that will reveal the secrets of being happy after you say "I do." Let this stunning and captivating writer take you on a journey – an exploration around the world that ends up at a place far too few women have the sense enough to reach...a place called "Happy."Poking through the mud of a media culture rife with exploitative images of desperate housewives, Fawn Weaver’s Happy Wives Club is a wildflower spreading hope for the insti¬tution of marriage, not as a religious or political institution, but as the opportunity for two souls to evolve together as they tap into the Divine spark that lies within us all.

Her debut book, Happy Wives Club, is a journey to 12 countries and 6 continents in search of the universal secret to a happy marriage.

Fawn and her husband of twelve years, Keith, live in Agoura Hills.

And Fawn holds your ticket to the adventure of a lifetime in this exciting book. Frustrated by the constant negative press, Fawn set out to prove all wives aren’t miserable, most husbands don’t cheat, and happy marriages do still exist.

She founded Happy Wives in 2010, and it has grown into a community of more than 1,000,000 women in more than 110 countries.

It turns out great marriages are all around us—when we look for them.