Dean Ambrose never spoke much to his girlfriend about his family, nor did he speak about them to his 'siblings' either, until Roma was kidnapped during a visit to Gotham by Dean's insane father and mother to lure Dean back to a life of crime that he had tried to escape from... Instead could I have a Jeff Hardy gender reveal party thingy ? - anon from tumblr When she's arrested in Cameron, North Carolina, Dean Winchester ends up meeting a certain arrested former WWE Superstar, Jeffrey 'Jeff' Nero Hardy, one half of the Hardy Siblingz and Matt Hardy's younger brother.Maybe one of the women go with them and find out the gender of their twins and then throws them a party to reveal it a in a cute way ? One date led to another until they moved in together and Dean had their first child, Ruby Samantha Hardy, but the Supernatural butted back into her life again...This proved to be a disastrous career move because he was a much bigger fish swimming in the Smackdown waters.

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But when Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are dared to perform a duet together, Roman just might succumb to his secret feelings for Dean. That brings up bad memories for Dean and she has a public mental breakdown live on RAW.

The only people who know what happened to her are Roman, Seth, Hunter and Vince as well as her parents and aunt and uncle... If she wants to wrestle again, she has to denounce her friends and join the group who has dominated and tormented the WWE in recent months. An incident between a young alpha Roman and his omega best friend Jeff resulted in Jeff mysteriously being sent away.

Summary: Punk decided it was time to return back to WWE after he abrupt leave, only to return and find out things have surely changed in a wrong way at the WWE.

People changed and everything changed, what will he do when he finds out that someone/something was returning back into his life, will he let it sleep or act out on it. And that’s totally fine, I honestly don’t expect many people to be able to do that kinda stuff simply because of when they got into it, so don’t worry about it !

Nothing says Christmas like karaoke following an episode of Raw.

Matt and Jeff Hardy and Elias join the Shield in a night of food, drinks, and bad singing. During a match for the WWE World Heavyweight title, Dean Ambrose is facing her former Shield brother when she suddenly hears her once boyfriend's voice when she's thrown out of the ring.

She briefly appeared in the 2007 season of Survivor; she was voted off in the reality series' second episode.

She has been romantically tied to wrestlers Paul London and Matt Hardy, and she also dated musician Chuck Comeau. She and fellow wrestler Kane appeared on a 2007 episode of Smallville.

Seventeen-year-old Seth Rollins is an avid fan of Cyberfights - a company that combines two of his passions: wrestling and porn.