She's obviously in an ESL class, but it'll be a little while before she can communicate to an extent that she understand the instructions being handed out or explained to her.

What can we do to ensure a student like Isabella has a great experience in PE class and doesn't feel left out?

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Lower nets can be used for volleyball and bigger goals for soccer.

Velcro baseballs and mitts can be used for baseball.

As you can tell, we can do a ton of things to accommodate students from a wide variety of cultural, language, and physical ability backgrounds.

For example, individual competitiveness is valued in the European-American culture and so activities like climbing a rope can be used in PE class to nurture this.

When it comes to individualistic fitness, the physical education teacher can help students learn how to design their own fitness plans and monitor their progress through logs so they can see how much better they are doing at one or another exercise or game.

For example, a fitness plan may include climbing a rope and seeing if the student gets faster over time.

Finally, there is another student in our PE class, Alex.

Alex can speak English very well and is from the United States.

Additionally, the teacher can use non-verbal means of communication in order to relay a message.

For instance, a frown when a student is doing something wrong along with a shake of the head would let the student know he or she should stop that activity.

He speaks fluent English, so there is no language barrier to overcome with Giang.