Still in her skirt and sweater Linda was leaning slightly against his dresser in a cute little pose, with one long tan leg forward, slightly bent at the knee..toes squatting against the floor and her heel arched up. In the background Bobby could see the swell of her meaty buttocks. "Unless you'd rather stay focused on your math." She said teasingly.

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Cocking one leg out in front of her, bent slightly at the knee, with her sexy foot arched, her cute little toes squatting against the floor, Linda fed her son a naughty smile. "You might as well have'll be fishing them out of my laundry hamper anyway." She grinned. As soon as Linda turned towards the bath Bobby lifted the panties to his nose.

Stepping out of her panties, Linda leaned over and picked them up off the floor, her big drooping mommy-boobs wobbling with her every move. I can't believe I'm being such a cock tease..for my very own son. Using the elastic hem of her panties she shot them towards Bobby like a rubber band, making them land on his bulging lap.

Like an excited puppy-dog Bobby followed his mom into her room. This has nothing to do with his big penis...absolutely nothing. Want me to order you some pizza or something sweetie? After turning on the water in the tub Linda went back over, closed the bathroom door behind them and locked it. "Uh...getting better I guess." He muttered as he sat on the bathroom floor and leaned back against the wall. " She asked as she slipped her little feet from the sandals and began to unbutton her sweater. Look at all that fucking breast-meat just oozing out the top.

As his mom went into the master bathroom Bobby followed her inside. Bobby's heart was racing so fast he could hardly answer.

A little while later he heard his parents coming out of the master suite. Linda stepped over to his bed and pulled a pair of her black sheer bikini panties out from under his pillow. A stream of fresh cock-cream began to run from the panties down her forearm. Bobby watched as she tried her best to wipe her arm. "Some girls would just lick it up and swallow it." He joked. He could feel his mom's butt cheeks closing in around it...smothering it's girth. Mom looked so sexy standing near my door...staring down at my big dick. Then they would began to rise..a female spider carrying it's clutched prey towards her web in the clouds....ready to fucking devour him.

His dad continued downstairs but Linda stepped into Bobby's bedroom. I certainly hope you plan on cleaning today." She said. I'm gonna need all my panties back in my hamper before you leave okay, sweetie." She said. "Bobby." She said, again not angrily and with a hint of amusement. Oh my God this semen is still warm..there's so much of it. "Yeah, well I'm not "some girl," I'm your mother and I certainly don't need the taste of your sperm on my tongue when I kiss your father goodbye this morning." She said. Linda would grasp his rod and feed the engorged knob into the mouth of her gaping twat. i found this story in another forum and had to post it. Mother/son "Morning slugger." Linda said as she passed her son in the hallway. " She said, squeezing her cheeks of her buttocks together and smothering his rod. As Linda turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Bobby could stare straight into the swell of her enormous breasts. She looked like a 39 year old Katy Perry, but with a shapelier figure and enormous breasts. He could tell through the sweater where the edges of her bra were and could see the bulging breast meat oozing out the top. He must have some sort of ritual after he digs them out of my hamper. ", I just thought it would be cool to have a picture of you on my phone to look show my friends" He explained. As her pendulous tits sprung free they just sort of flopped down against her tummy and bobbled slightly back and forth. After setting her bra down near the sink Linda slid her thumbs under the hem of her panties and began to slide them down her long tan legs. He could see the baby-smooth meat of her genitals..spongy double doors extending out from her pubis. Linda was now on her knees in the water, sitting on her heels facing her son. It's like his bulbous head just split my twat and my pussy was reacting as if in preparation to accommodate all that long thick meat. "Okay." Bobby said, watching her slide the cups from her breasts. She poured some bubble bath in the tub as her son marveled at the cheeks of her full heart-shaped buttocks. I'm gonna cum in my fucking shorts before mom even gets in the tub. Linda stepped into the water, her butt cheeks rippling. He made no attempt to hide it as he walked over to the side of the tube. The way she thrust her breasts made Bobby's dick jump. Oh my God I've never reacted to something that way. Oh my God I can't believe I'm about to let my son watch me take a bath.