Wade A Your Trust Advisor in Searching for "The One" the MQI team is passionate and dedicated in finding the right match for their clients. She makes me feel comfortable and at ease, and is extremely thorough in understanding the qualities I am looking for in a man.

I highly recommend their services to anyone who is single and searching for "the one".

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I explained my situation to Craig and learned that my situation is not rare, in fact many professional businessmen are in the same boat. I met several beautiful women and had some really fun dates! She is beautiful, intelligent, charming, and self-sufficient! We have been steadily seeing each other now for over three months and I hope it continues. Shoutout to the best matchmaker, Sheila, for really taking her time getting to know my needs and making sure she sets me up with the best possible match for me. What can I say, Tiana is an angel from heaven sent down to make our lives special. I feel so lucky to have come into contact with her and this company!

Thank you Craig and Model Quality Introductions for your service! She really knows what she's doing and if you give her as well as MQI a shot, you won't regret it... She has been incredible, and without her, MQI would probably have to close its doors that's how crucial she is to their success. I have tried other matchmakers, and none compare to MQI and Tiana.

They can help you to find love and quality, real professionals and experts in matchmaking.

Regardless of which city you live in, I strongly recommend this agency to others!

Five months later we are in love, enjoying travel, adventures and are planning our future.

Thank you Sheila & Craig & Model Quality Introductions!

My experience over the past few months with Model Quality Introductions has been absolutely fantastic!

Sheila, Vanessa, and team seem to really understand me and what I am looking for as it has been one wonderful girl!!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with them. I saw MQI's ad in the Du Pont Registry magazine, and called to get more information on how they worked.