Continue reading When in Rome - eat, drink, and [try to] walk it off.My friend Andrea and I arrived at our hostel as the sun was setting, so we settled on just finding a good place for dinner before roaming.I've never been one to go all out for dinners, but in Italy how can you not? Continue reading You'd think I'd be prepared when someone asked me what my favourite London spots are. " Though that may be honest, it's a classic BS answer. Continue reading In an effort to use up my remaining holiday allowance of 2016 and to finally tick off a city I've been itching to visit, I booked a last minute trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Having been a travel and lifestyle journalist in London for the past two (mostly single) years, I also run the blog, as I always seem to be tipping people off on date venues.

When it comes to dating and dating techniques that guys employ one are where many guys really are left wanting is in the most simple areas such as basically just knowing some tips on how to chat up girls and basically knowing what to say.

Though you didn't meet Daniel, Mark, or Jack abroad, I figured you could appreciate the stories that give nod to the staple of …

Continue reading I have heard so many great things about Prague but never expected to love it as much as I did.

Most men have no idea at all whether or not a girl they are talking to is interested in them also.

Women are far more complex than men and actually give off several tell tale signs that show they like you.Little did I know, this was the core lifestyle of Londoners. Though London can be a cold and lonely city, they sure do … Continue reading (Repost from 2016) This would have been my first Christmas away from home, if my wonderful parents hadn't offered to fly me home for a few days over the holidays.The reason for this is often quite complex and made up of many different elements for different people but the common theme among young women that opt for this option is that they are looking for someone who has more maturity than someone of their own age.At a young age most young women would argue that guys of the same age are basically too immature for them and added to this they really just don’t know what they want in life and this is not appealing One of the other crucial points is that as well as the maturity factor, most older guys are usually better set up in their life and have some good savings behind them as well as more security, such as their own property and maybe business etc.You will be in awe of the fairytale streets and historic landmarks but will have a blast drinking super cheap beer and making friends on nightly pub crawls.