All I had to look forward to tonight was my husband climbing on top of me for his two minutes of fun - if I was lucky.I thought of the naughty things I'd always wanted to do with my husband but never dared ask, and I felt that familiar tingling between my legs.I couldn't keep my eyes off the huge bulge at the front of his trunks. His trunks were so brief and his penis was so big its head was almost peeping out of the top of his trunks! Through my binoculars I could see the unmistakable picture of a naked woman standing with her legs wide.

Then in my purple undies I took a deep breath and passed the point of no return. I'm up in my bedroom admiring you in those sexy trunks. Instead of wasting that erection masturbating over pictures of naked women, why not come up to my bedroom and have the real thing. I watched him step over the low fence between our gardens toward my patio window with his erect penis swinging stiffly under his trunks, and I waited for him to come up the stairs. " His trunks had worked their way down and the big round purple head of his penis and a couple of inches of his erect shaft were already sticking up above the top of his trunks. He got so close in front of me the soft head of his penis was brushing against me just below my belly button.

I picked up my mobile phone, stood right in front of my window, and called Martin's mobile. The patio door's open." Martin spun on his lounger and looked straight up at me. Then the bedroom door opened and there was my dream boy! He stopped in his tracks and stared at me, a woman nearly old enough to be his mother, standing waiting for him just in her sexy undies. He slipped his trunks all the way down, stepped out of them and tossed them onto my bed. He masturbated lusting for me and now his masturbation fantasy had finally come true! He unclipped my bra between my breasts, flicked my bra off my shoulders and had a good long feel of my breasts, and licked my rapidly peaking nipples with his tongue.

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