Continental renforce sa présence dans le monde du cyclisme en devenant Partenaire Officiel du Tour de France de 2018 à 2022.

La marque allemande de pneumatiques mettra toute sa technologie et son expertise au service du Tour de France pour les 5 prochaines années.

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(It is available directly from via the Books section of the Website Store page of this site).

I wish to include a special note of thanks to Ian Wilson for providing his detailed chronology of Shroud history (circa 1996) as the basis for this page and allowing me to share it with you on this website.

The general consensus of even the most doubting researchers is to accept a "1350" date as the beginning of the "undisputed" or documented history of the Shroud of Turin.

This also happens to coincide with the approximate date determined by the 1988 carbon dating of the cloth.

Ian is a highly respected Shroud researcher and noted author.

His many books are listed on the "Shroud Booklist" page of this site.

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