When I’m doing The X Factor, I’m constantly having something done to my hair so I take a flavoured supplement drink with vitamin C, amino acids and collagen.

When you know you can have something, you don’t crave it as much.

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https://t.co/04NQHi RTlj — Nicole Scherzinger (@Nicole Scherzy) 5 November 2017The weekend was a tough one for Scherzinger whose contestant Kevin Davy White may have won the sing-off, while Tracy Leanne Jefford lost the public vote.

I have done many diets religiously and I don’t believe in them. So, when I deprive myself of things, I find that I end up bingeing to rebel. This is an edition of the Bible that interweaves biblical text with comments, notes and prayers.

Of her ex, she told the publication: 'As women, we tend to love the other person and give everything to them.

But sometimes the other person – the man – tends to be quite selfish, so they’re thinking of themselves and doing what’s best for them and meanwhile we’re giving everything.'Former Pussycat Dolls songstress Nicole candidly revealed she found 'learning to let go' of what they had extremely difficult because she doesn't like to 'fail at things'. " But sometimes we don’t realise that things just aren’t meant to be.' The American beauty has mended her heart and moved on with hunky tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, 25.

However, after an advert break, the singer was seen wearing one, explaining herself later on Twitter: “I’m always late, it fell off running to stage and replaced it as soon we could!

I have the upmost respect for everything it stands for!

'It’s about how you react and how you accept things or don’t accept things. I was in that relationship for almost seven years,' she explained. They started their own love story in July and while the long distance is 'hard work', she confessed she has thrown herself all in. When I'm in, I'm all the way in.'Since dating Nicole, Lewis has been romantically linked to a string of women including models such as Barbara Palvin and Winnie Harlow.

She explained: 'I can't sit here and preach I know everything about relationships because at the end of the day I'm just a big, fat, juicy heart of a girl who loves to love. The motormouth had put the brakes on his relationship with Nicole as he previously revealed how she 'always came second' to his racing dreams.

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