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If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then I have some important news for you…The news is that you are NOT alone.

In fact, that list of questions was created after talking to literally HUNDREDS of men about the problems they were facing with women in the bedroom and the effects that these problems created in their intimate relationships.

In fact, earlier on in my life I was a very average lover…Perhaps even a bit worse than average…I didn't know how to please a woman in bed and this led to a great deal of frustration. was it only guys with huge ‘tools’ that could really please a woman? Perhaps if I could go for 90 minutes non-stop that would turn me into the stud I desired to be?

The truth is that none of these things were the reasons as to why I wasn't a great lover.

I’ll help you out…To give women MIND-BLOWING sex – the kind that’ll bring tears to her eyes – you have to give her VAGINAL ORGASMS. Clitoris this, Clitoris that and so on…However, what I'm here to do is show you another way…I'm here to tell you that when you get the VAGINAL orgasms working for your woman – using the simple techniques I'm going to teach you – you’ll find it remarkably easy to give her And as if that’s not enough…When you get the vaginal orgasms working for your woman, you’ll also find it easy to give her more advanced types of orgasm such as squirting, anal, nipple and of course – orgasms without any touching whatsoever. So the #1 secret to giving your woman mind-blowing sex and getting her to give you whatever you want in bed is to get the VAGINAL ORGASMS working. Oh and by the way – less than 30% of women have ever had a vaginal orgasm, but EVERY woman has the potential to experience them – they just need the right man to show them how.

Yeah, I know…When you read mainstream sex advice – written by men or women – it nearly always focuses on the CLITORIS. I'm going to teach you how to become that MAN when you read my e Book Better In Bed.

Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that you simply HAVE TO learn how to become a GREAT LOVER if you want to feel like a real man.

But there are a few ...…Most of the mainstream sex advice we guys see in magazines, books and on television and radio is useless.…Women won’t tell us what to do… That’s why the very small minority of men who are naturally good in bed are so desirable to women.…Many guys just don’t know what GOOD SEX is. So I bet you’re asking yourself: Luckily for you, the answer is "YES".

either because the sex isn't great or because of something else that’s not working within your relationship? Are you ever frustrated by your woman’s INCONSISTENT sex drive…