Wyle added that the couple "just got back from Paris," adding that it was "incredible" and "very romantic."The "Falling Skies" actor was previously married to makeup artist Tracy Warbin and has two children with her.

, the story of two rival drag racers who changed the world of racing forever!

Actor Noah Wyle is a married man after exchanging vows with his fiancee over the weekend (07-08Jun14). Actor Noah Wyle is in early talks to reprise his role in Tv movie The Librarian for a 10-part series adaptation. star Noah Wyle paid tribute to his "compass and companion" Eddie Michaels at the celebrity publicist's funeral in Los Angeles on Sunday (11Aug13). star joined more than 100 members of the Adapt organisation on Capitol Hill on... star NOAH WYLE is dating actress GINA GERSHON, seven months after splitting from his wife. was taken off life support Thursday night with a two-hour episode that featured former cast members Noah Wyle, Eriq La Salle, Laura Innes, Sherry Stringfield, and Alex Kingston and was written by... Producers admitted last year they were seeking to sign up former cast members - including...

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The Wyles have two children, seven-year-old Owen and four-year-old Auden.

They announced their breakup last week, but reportedly separated in October. ) Late last year, around the time he and Tracy separated, Noah began seeing another actress, which devastated Mistress #1.

They both slammed the Vanity Fair article that implied they had a relationship.

(which also starred Julianne Moore and was directed by Bart Freundlich, whom she married in 2003).

2008Gina Gershon was rumored to be dating Bill Clinton.

According to Vanity Fair, the two had an affair in the June 2008. television show Live with Regis and Kelly, Gershon was quoted as saying: "It is such a crazy, outrageous lie…

But it wasn't all about the glitz and glamour as they teamed up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help raise money for blood cancer research! Although the courts laid the law down, there was one person that had his back Tags: celebrity dads, er, medicaid, noah wyle, owen, washington dc He may have been standing up for what he believes in, but now, he's going to have to do it again in a court of law! [, the 1999 Emmy-nomiated telefilm about the late co-founder Steve Jobs.

Tons of stars like Jesse Williams, Noah Wyle, and Ian Ziering came out to promote the new film and to also show their support for the amazing charity organization! [.] Tags: cancer, charity, egyptian theater, film flickers, fundraiser, hollywood, ian ziering, jesse williams, leukemia and lymphoma society, movie premiere, noah wyle, red carpet, research, snake and mongoose ’s Noah Wyle landed himself in a real life emergency sitch after being thrown in the slammer during a Medicaid protest in Washington, D. Noah Wyle and 73 others were arrested late in April for protesting Congress' decision to cut Medicaid with the disability-advocacy group ADAPT in the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building in D. The network will air back-to-back broadcasts, which stars Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs, Anthony Michael Hall as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Joey Slotnick as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

C., and now, they all must be appear in court next Tuesday! It's a great watch for anyone who isn't familiar with the early days of Steve and the Apple company.

One such member, Marsha Katz, whose husband is in a wheelchair, says: Tags: arrest, cannon house office building, court date, disability, legal matters, marsha katz, medicaid, noah wyle, protest , was also arrested today during a political protest against Congress cutting Medicaid in Washington D. The actor was with 100 other members of the group ADAPT, a group attempting to protect the elderly and those with disabilities from being forced into nursing homes, instead of being able to afford home care! Upon hearing the news of Steve's passing, Noah issued this statement, saying: Tags: apple, bill gates, mac, noah wyle, pirates of silicon valley, steve jobs, telefilm, tnt, tv movie had an extremely impressive series premiere back in June, bringing in 5.9 million viewers!!!

The two arrived for a lavish four-course dinner "arm in arm around sunset, and they were dressed to the nines." According to sources: "Noah and Gina are clearly in love. They even have keys to each other's homes.", has finally been released on Friday!