It's like having your assistant keeping you up to date on news affairs.

npr iphone app not updating-16

The most recent episode may not show up in i Tunes Store, but when you subscribe to the podcast it will download an hourly 5min news update.

You need to adjust your phone settings to look for new uploads (general podcast settings) at most hourly, or just swipe down on the homepage of your podcast app to get the most recent news podcast to appear.

Strangely, it seems louder than all other podcasts too.

All these issues mean I have to turn the volume down to make it listenable. I listen to this and Up First during my commute to work in the morning to keep myself updated.

I love that it doesn’t clog your feed up or storage by keeping older episodes in its system.

You can typically only download the most recent update of the hour. Don't know if it's overprocessed or overcompressed but there are a lot of audible artifacts in your NPR News Now podcasts.My only gripe: it has ads for other NPR podcasts (which is OK), but they are at a super low volume.You either have to deal with barely audible speech for 25 seconds or turn up the volume and risk being blasted by the next podcast if you forget to turn it back down).Good news coverage, both domestic and international.Would prefer fewer repeats hour to hour and more new segments, but wouldn't be surprised if there are production constraints. This 5 minute report cuts a lot of that great work out, but it’s great if you’re short on time and want the top stories quickly.