I grew up in Bangalore and back when I was 17, I gave up admission in an engineering college 400 kms away to study in a Bangalore college close to family even though the former college was one of the top 20 institutes in the country and the latter college, was barely in the top 50. My suboptimal choice was definitely not driven by considerations of safety or mitigating sexual harassment.

“You’ve arbitrarily changed a major piece of data, namely the social and cultural context of the study, for no reason other than to help support the conclusion you’ve already drawn.” Congratulations Matt!! Particularly the hidden motivations behind the utterances of other people.

Using a random utility framework, I estimate that women are willing to choose a college in the bottom half of the quality distribution over a college in the top quintile for a route that is perceived to be one standard deviation (SD) safer.

Alternatively, women are willing to spend an additional INR 18,800 (USD 290) per year, relative to men, for a route that is one SD safer – an amount equal to double the average annual college tuition.

If you were to ask any Indian or international living in US, this is probably the most thought or discussed question: “Should I settle in US or go back to home country?

” There are similar thoughts for people in India or any other country too.

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We do not own, produce, host or sell the content displayed on this website.I lived in India and US for quite some time, so I can share my thoughts on both of them.Some of the common questions everyone encounter are : I can keep on writing the questions.Or, to put it more concisely, your comment makes no sense whatsoever Ofcourse Delhi isn’t Boston.But it doesn’t follow that Delhi women in particular would make suboptimal choices to improve “safety”?If you are looking for a specific topic that’s not in the above list and you want that to be part of the series, you can leave a comment and I will add it to the list.