She found her flip flops and slipped her feet into them. After they ate dinner, after Miss Alvarez had retired to her room to read her Bible, Laci pulled Paula into her father's man cave. They watched, in almost morbid fascination as Asian girl after Asian girl displayed hairless vulvas, or shaved their pubic mounds for the camera. Then the second female entered the frame, knelt down, and began licking up the semen from the first girl's buttocks and pussy.

Yolanda might claim she loved Chris all she wanted, but no one believed her. "I have my pajamas," the short, plump Asia girl announced. Both girls giggled when Paula delved her tongue into Laci's navel. Then Paula's thumbs parted Laci's puffy lips and Paula sought out Laci's clitoris.

"Yeah, right, like if he didn't have nine million, you'd still love him, right? When her mother grabbed her daughter and fled their homeland, both mother and daughter had been very skinny, near starvation. "Ooh, Paula," Laci moaned when Paula blew a hot breath over Laci's overheated pussy. Laci licked and sucked Paula to a quick, face spraying orgasm. Laci continued to tongue Paula's crinkled rosebud, then wet a finger in Paula's wet slit. Laci's orgasm racked her slender body and she ground her pussy against Paula's face.

Laci turned on her wall mounted television and found yet another insipid reality television show to watch. " Paula asked, hiding her smile behind her small hand.

Paula's small nipple was already quite crinkled in excitement. Her slender fingers danced over Paula's puffy pussy lips, danced over the sparse strands of black pubic hair, danced over Paula's prominent mound. But finally, they were again naked and entwined on Laci's large, soft bed.

*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age. With one more kiss to Paula's gasping mouth, Laci bent and sucked her friend's hard nipple into her mouth. " Paula grunted, then cupped Laci's breasts through the silky camisole top. Then, to demonstrate, Laci bit down, quite hard on Paula's sensitive nipple. She did pinch down hard on Laci's nipple, then found Laci's other nipple and pinched down. Paula reached down and cupped Laci's pussy through Laci's skimpy panties. They bumped heads as each tried to be the first to suck on the other's breasts.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor and no, I do not want an editor. Yes, there's too many people to keep track of, yes it jumps around too much, yes it's too long, yes it's too short, yes it's in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit and yes I suck. Paula could feel Laci's hard nipples through the slinky material of her top. Then Paula mashed Laci's breasts with her small hands. She could feel Laci's crinkly pubic hair through the slinky material. With a giggle, they swung into a sixty nine position, Laci on top.

"They're not chinks; they're chunks," Chris had whispered to his daughter the first time he met Paula and her mother. "And my dad's not home; they flew out last night," Laci enthused. Alvarez greeted the two eighteen year old girls, pointed to the warm brownies and the two glasses of soy milk and then requested their school uniforms as soon as they could get them to her. Laci stripped out of her blouse, then, with a grateful sigh, unclipped her bra. Paula's pussy had a sweaty, musky smell, but it did not smell like fish.

Her 32C breasts, with light pink areolae bobbled freely as she unzipped her skirt and shoved both skirt and plain white panties down and off.

When she unbuttoned the third and final button, Laci pulled the panel aside, exposing Paula's small hard breast to the cool air. The two friends kissed passionately, ignoring the fact that neither girl had brushed their teeth yet. Divesting themselves of their shorts and the shirts was interrupted by several kisses.