They made their home in Morristown, NJ and Earl took the train into the So Ho District of Manhattan to work. Earl was 58 at the time, and noted that his advisor at the U of M had died at 58. He applied for an early retirement option being offered, and it was granted in 1995.

He believes the inclusion of the specific mathematics led to the success of the machine being created and used.

He finished his thesis and oral exam in October of 1971. D program, Earl was married and welcomed two daughters.

He is expected to appear in court for the citation.

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor crime in the state of Minnesota.

A happenstance that took him down his road of life.

Upon graduation, Earl found himself asking “Now what?

A job in Chicago, at the Illinois Institute of Technology – Research Institute was his next step.

In 1975, he began what would end up being a 20 year career with the Environmental Measurements Laboratory – A Division of the US Department of Energy.

” He inquired at the Telephone Company, and the man he talked to encouraged him to go to college first.