She continued to bring up gender at every opportunity.

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You have to start thinking about whether not only the game has run its course, but the relationship, too.

Dear Prudence, I have a close friend (I’m female, he’s male) since childhood who is loyal, supportive, and funny.

Say that it would be sad not to have her in your child’s life, but if she wants to enjoy being a grandmother, a basic requirement is that she treat her daughter-in-law with respect.

An apology from her and a recognition she needs to do better would be a start.

(I was orphaned at age 14.) I can't express how betrayed and hurt I am by this.

My husband sides with me and we’ve made a birthing plan that includes her not being permitted in the facility until we’ve been released. Dear Sad, I guess you could consider yourself lucky your mother-in-law didn’t pop out of the closet while you and your husband were trying to conceive, like one of those terrifying mothers in the Old Spice commercials.Dear Prudie, I have been with my boyfriend for two years and we feel comfortable roughhousing with each other.This consists of trying to slap each other in the face and using scare tactics to see who gets startled the most. Unfortunately, my luck ran out when he tried to block me from hitting him and accidentally hit my jaw instead.But in the absence of that, after the baby is born and you feel ready, allow her some short visits to see if she seems capable of reform.You’re not being vengeful; she’s the one who has to regain your trust.And don’t let her terrible behavior make you engage in a stealth birth.