Things like this are a terrible influence on tumblr otherkin/therian culture, and the community here would be better off without you.

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OK was recorded in Ireland with David Prendergast, Jason Boland and the Otherkin lads at the boards.

It was then sent to London where it was mixed by Jolyon Thomas, who has worked with Slaves and Royal Blood.

Creating further confusion for new otherkin and the public who often don’t understand the distinction between the two.

And the “needs” you claim to have, that you demand accommodation for, are things that otherkin and therians alike have learned to live with for years without requiring such accommodation.

Fursuiting, for instance - that’s the furry community, not the otherkin or therian community.

By thinking you should be seeing fursuiting posts here in the otherkin tag, you’re mixing the two up.

Consider this - if you were blind, and refused to learn the techniques by which blind people get by in a sighted world, but instead demanded sighted society alter to accommodate you by paying for a personal assistant to be your eyes, would you be representative of the wider blind community or would you be using your disability as an excuse for unnecessary personal accomodation?

And would those saying you were missing the point of advocacy for the blind, and making the blind community look bad in the process, be wrong?

Punk rockers Otherkin have been on a roll in 2017, with their gig at Slane opening up for Guns ’N Roses, hitting the road with two massive U.

K tours, and their current tour alongside The Dead Kennedys.

I keep hearing, particularly by jarandhel and roguesareth, that I “don’t know what the otherkin community is about” or “I don’t know anything about ‘our’ community” (meaning, their community…