Nintendo's first ever game for Android has finally touched down (unless you actually count the abomination that is Miitomo).

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The fire damaged several nearby structures, including an office tower, and melted a nearby sign on the 110 Freeway.

Also on scene Wednesday was a black Labrador retriever trained to sniff accelerants.

Los Angeles firefighters battle the huge Da Vinci fire in downtown Los Angeles in the early-morning hours of Dec. The heat was so intense, it blew out windows and melted objects in nearby buildings.

Arson investigators are still investigating the scene.

ATF Special Agent Carlos Canino told reporters there was no time frame for when the cause of the fire would be determined.

He said the agency is going through surveillance video of the site.

Units sacrificed for the sake of giving up their skills don’t even need to know the skills that other characters inherit, so a lower-leveled character with the potential to learn a great ability can still pass that one on, even if the player never unlocked it beforehand.

The biggest roadblock is that, despite all of this, characters only have access to skills that are compatible with their ranking.

An important factor to consider before entering battles in Fire Emblem Heroes is its class system.