The lessons are set up like games, and when you play the correct notes they are highlighted in green – wrong notes are highlighted in red.

At the end of a lesson your score is calculated into a percentage.

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All of the lesson music needed to learn is provided right within the online piano software.

If you scroll through the library and can't find a song that you want to learn, you can click on the Make a Request tab at the bottom of the screen.

Piano Marvel includes interactive piano lessons that break down learning piano into simple segmented lessons so you aren't overwhelmed by information.

To gain access to all the lessons within Piano Marvel, you pay a monthly subscription or an annual fee.

There wasn't a teacher present within the first few lessons that we took, just narration and illustrations.

In the first section of lessons you learn about note values and how to combine and read whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.

As you make your way through the lessons, you will learn classic songs like "Hot Cross Buns" and "Old Mc Donald." You can also go to the song tab to learn other beginner songs, but there really aren't any popular (top 40) songs within the beginner realm.

The lessons within this piano software are broken up into two categories – method and technique.

The method training is where you find all the lessons for theory, musical notation and learning different songs.