In late 2006, an Xbox 360 owner sued Microsoft over a system update rendering his console inoperable.

That suit was dismissed in mid-2007 when Microsoft and the plaintiff reached an agreement out of court.

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What can I do to get to that point that allows me to do all recommended fixes?

Video streaming is now part of our modern daily lives, which means no more TV schedules and much more choice.

When they contacted Sony's customer service representatives, the pair were told that the system failures were coincidental and unrelated to the system update.

Furthermore, Sony would charge them a repair fee of $150 in order to fix the systems.

You probably already know the basics, but we'll sum them up here just in case.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are subscription-based media streaming services that you pay for monthly in return for unlimited streaming of TV shows and films.

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I have read all the fixes, but none addresses when the computer gets stuck in this state and cannot do anything even after I turn it off.

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