He got up, groaning as he rubbed his back and was shocked at his action. As if…adapting…" He frowned as he created another unholy spear, putting more of his power into it and growing to the size of an average adult male.

His teeth sharpened as his jaw seemed to have unhinged slightly.

Irises turning to slit, he dashed towards the pinned young man.'I'm sorry…everyone.' He thought as he closed his eyes.

"Today must be my lucky day." He chuckled as he eyed the young man like a predator would his prey. 'This is…' He shook his head before he turned and run. ' Looking up he sees that the man was right above him.'What a weakling…' Dohnaseek scowled as he was instantly before the young man and swung his arm with a close line knocking the teen on his back and was painfully sliding behind him.

Issei stepped back, his legs pressing against the fountain and nearly toppling over the edge. " He frowned, mentally looking around to see if he can get away from this well-dressed man."My name is of no importance, devil." The man crooned as he snapped his fingers, a barrier erecting around the park. 'Gotta make sure no one else is here.' He added as feathers began to rain around him. He then twirled his spear and threw it pinning Issei's left leg into the ground and causing him to scream in pain and agony."AAA~H! He gritted his teeth as he gripped the light infused weapon, his hand instantly released once he felt them burn like fire upon grasping it. " He gritted his teeth as pain was sent through his body."Low level creatures like you are so troublesome." The man sighed as he summoned another light spear. "You tried to escape, but did not expand a magical circle.

Dohnaseek looked up as several yellow rotating circles were guiding a lightning bolt towards him, fast enough to be struck by the electrical element. "Well…" He placed his styled hat upon the crown of his head hiding his eyes from them and his jaws snapped back in place. I won't let him die." She kneeled by his side and brushed her fingers against his cheek. Taking some ragged breaths, he looked into her eyes. the things…that happened…" He choked "…Everything…that I went through…""Is alright, Issei-kun." She lowered her face to his.

Gritting his teeth in both anger and pain, he glared at the duo as Akeno came forward with a small smile and a step that gave her breasts a very noticeable jiggle, electricity crackling between her fingers. You must be from the Gremory family."Rias gave a devilish smile. My name is Rias Gremory." She raised her hand, power glowing with it. "Forgive me for being so bold." He stood as he palmed his left hip. And to think I was doing you mongrels a favor." He goaded as he glanced at the still pinned Hyoudo. ' He wondered as he willed the spear away, releasing the young man."Koneko." Rias commanded her whitette friend."Hai." She murmured as she went to the fallen brunette and began to tend to his wounds."I'm going to pluck those wings and fry them." Rias said Akeno allowed arcs of electricity to go through her hands. Making her way to the wounded young brunette with Akeno by her side, she sighed. "It was all real." Lowering herself, she pressed her breasts against his chest. "Let me formally introduce myself." She raised to sit, ignoring 'Little Issei' stirring beneath her."But I wouldn't mind a little…show…" He grinned before he launched the enlarge spear at her, lowering the power in order to incapacitate her. Issei had a lean figure despite not joining any of the sports clubs, he had a slight eight pack in the making.Sensing the power drop and scowling at his attempt, Rias' aura rose before she simply smacked the unholy spear aside, ignoring the burn that was slowly healing on her hand. "Not bad." Her eyes trail down his form stopping at his seven inches and soft member. I wonder how big you would be when you're hard, hm?"This place." He made himself to the fountain in the area.Placing his hand over the stone end he gave a sad smile.'I'm sorry…Yuuma-chan…'Just then a black bolt with red ends struck the four winged man, knocking him back with a small explosion. His answer came in the form of Rias stepping forward."Don't you dare lay a hand on him." She scowled at the graceless angel. Her teeth were sharpened as her wings were out in full display."R-Rias…sempai…" Issei muttered weakly before his bodies succumb to the blood loss and passed out."And who the hell are you?