I recommend this tool if you have 401(k), IRA or other investments to track.

It has a great looking interface, it’s easy to link your accounts, and it gives you some great insight into how you spend your money and how your investments are performing.

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Then compare your spending with similar people so you know where to improve.

Create budgets to stay on track and use our forecasting tools to avoid any financial surprises.

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When calling the bank to have the card reactivated, I was told by the customer service representative, “since online transactions are, you know, more dangerous, we tend to notice those.” This is not an uncommon perception.

Many people who think nothing of handing over their credit card or writing a check when at a store or restaurant hesitate to use the same card online, regardless of communication protections (e.g.

First of all, there’s the ease of committing fraud with checks. With a credit card (and to a lesser extent, a debit card), it’s pretty simple — you call the bank, say you did not authorize a charge, and the credit card company removes the charge.

A thief with a stolen check (or deposit slip) has all they need to take money from your account — the routing number and account number (found at the bottom of the check in MICR letters.) Note that the thief doesn’t need any kind of ID… It is then up to them to prove you make the charge, such as by getting a signed receipt from the merchant and matching your signature. If you report a check as fraudulent, there is no federal law saying the bank is liable — it’s up to the bank’s own policies and in some cases a hodgepodge of state laws whether they have to help you at all.

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