"It was just right height for some fun." "Oh, hole of glory," I heard him say the he pulled his jeans down and moved his monster dick toward the hole.

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He was holding the strap of a backpack at his shoulder and wearing a worn jean jacket over a tight black athletic shirt. It was in just the right place to reveal the head of what must be an enormous cock, which seemed to be getting stiffer by the minute. He lifted his trim butt off the seat and pushed his jeans down to his ankles.

His faded blue jeans had a rip on the left side just mid-thigh accentuated what was his most prominent feature. I looked up and saw a smile on Ivan's face and realized that this hot Russian boy had been watching me as I checked out his crotch. I watched him intently without paying attention to the road and almost drove into the oncoming traffic.

Ivan spontaneously pulled up his jeans and stuffed his cock down the left leg of his pants.

I turned off at the exit to the rest area and hoped that I could communicate to Ivan what I had in mind.

I quickly pulled over to the side of the road just passed the kid. He stuck his head in the car window and in what I guessed was a very thick Russian accent probably an exchange student asked. As he leaned forward to arrange his pack on the floor between his legs, I was admiring his broad shoulders and strong arms and noticed that as he bent forward the back of his pants gaped open revealing a smooth hairless ass. I held my eyes on the road now while I explored the hard flesh under my right hand.

I pulled onto the highway thinking what my next move would be. I moved my hand slowly up the inside of Ivan's leg and found two heavy balls, shaved clean and tied up in a thin leather thong.

He looked to be 20s, shoulder length dirty blond hair with just about a weeks growth of beard on his face. My own dick was already getting rock hard and straining to be free. He reached down and lifted the backpack from where it had been resting and with one movement thrust it over his shoulder and onto the back seat.

He stood posed, the thumb of his right arm extended. I looked over at this blond stud sitting next to me and then glanced down at the tear in this guy's jeans. The precum was leaking through my underwear and causing an obvious wet spot. Without hesitation Ivan pulled the buttons apart on his fly.

I released his balls and grabbed the base of his cock head. Must be three inches across." I worked my way down the length of Ivan's dick inch by inch until I reached the end of his tool. " I shouted, even though I knew he didn't understand me.

Ivan now had my cock and balls in one hand while I continued to stroke his hot piece of meat.

I walked past the urinals and into the middle stall, motioned for Ivan to go into the next one and closed the door. Without missing a beat, I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down on the john.