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Keywords: Universal Logic, negation, paraconsistency, possible-translations semantics, modalities, formal philosophy.

Co-orientador: Carlos Caleiro Tese (doutorado) ÔÇô Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Instituto de Filosofia e Ci?

Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Instituto de Filosofia e Ci?

As a consequence, the LFIs are able to recapture consistent reasoning by the addition of appropriate consistency assumptions.

A logic is paraconsistent if it disallows such presupposition, and allows instead for The Logics of Formal Inconsistency, LFIs, form a particularly expressive class of paraconsistent logics in which the metatheoretical notion of consistency can be internalized at the object-language level.

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77 3.11 Taking it literally: the Brazilian plan completed 84 3.12 Algebraic stuff 89 4 FUTUROLOGY OF THE C-SYSTEMS 96 5 REFERENCES 102 Errata to the paper `A Taxonomy of C-systems’, and more 109 2 POSSIBLE-TRANSLATIONS SEMANTICS FOR LOGICS OF FORMAL INCONSISTENCY 119 RESUMO DE PTSURVEY 119 RESUMO DE WEAKPTS 119 CONTENTS 120 One size fits all 120 How much is that in `real money’? 137 1.3 What can be done with translations between logics?

16 1.1 Contradictory theories do exist 17 1.2 Paraconsistent, but not contradictory! 23 1.4 Standing on the shoulders of each other 28 2 A PARACONSISTENT LOGIC IS A PARACONSISTENT LOGIC IS 31 2.1 A question of principles 33 2.2 The paraconsistency predicament 34 2.3 The trivializing predicament 36 2.4 Huge tracts of the logical space 39 2.5 DEFCON 2: one step short of trivialization 43 2.6 C-systems 45 3 COOKING THE C-SYSTEMS ON A LOW FLAME 46 3.1 Paleontology of C-systems 47 3.2 The basic logic of (in)consistency 50 3.3 On what one cannot get 53 3.4 Letting b C talk about (dual) inconsistency 56 3.5 The logic Ci, where contradiction and inconsistency meet 58 3.6 On a simpler presentation for Ci 62 3.7 Using LFIs to talk about classical logic 63 3.9 The opposite of the opposite 75 3.10 Consistency may be contagious! 135 1.2 What is the canonical notion of entailment? 142 2 FURTHER ILLUSTRATIONS 146 3 SOME OTHER RELATED SEMANTIC STRUCTURES 146 REFERENCES 147 classically-based paraconsistent logics 151 1 LANGUAGES, BIVALUATIONS, AND SEQUENTS 151 2 SOME FUNDAMENTAL PARACONSISTENT LOGICS 153 3 BIVALUED ENTAILMENT, MODALITIES AND MATRICES 155 4 INTERPRETATIONS THROUGH POSSIBLE TRANSLATIONS 160 4 ADEQUACY OF EACH OF THE NEWLY PROPOSED PTS 162 REFERENCES 166 3 MODAL SEMANTICS FOR LOGICS OF FORMAL INCONSISTENCY 169 RESUMO DE LEA 169 RESUMO DE MODPAR 169 RESUMO DE PARANORMAL 170 CONTENTS 171 Some metaphysics 171 1.

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