The kind of relationship where the couple constantly argues, makes up, then starts another argument as they’re in the middle of making up.As a friend or family member it’s exhausting to watch someone go through that cycle.

I remember standing at my kitchen sink thanking God for giving me the strength to wash the dishes and the desire to keep my home clean. Another thing I’m celebrating is not speaking in haste.

Proverbs says, “Do you see someone who speaks in haste?

A survey conducted in 1990 found 2.2% of married participants reported having more than one partner during the past year.

In general, national surveys conducted in the early 1990s reported that between 15-25% of married Americans reported having extramarital affairs.

We all have that one friend who is in a terrible relationship with a person whom you simply cannot stand.

You know what I mean, the on-again off-again relationship…the one where your friend/family member is WAY too good for the person that they’re dating.I’m talking about breakfast made from scratch like those delicious pancakes below topped with caramelized bananas. Something else I’m celebrating is my financial forecast. In addition, apps like Mint and Credit Sesame along with following people like financial guru Dave Ramsey and his Money Makeover were extremely helpful.I sat at my dining table every morning and chewed my food slowly. Key principles of his makeover are: While we’re talking about finances, I’m also celebrating honesty and integrity.There is more hope for a fool than for them.” I hate group texts and I’m not a fan of texting overall because so much gets lost in translation.Hate is a strong word, however, it describes my exact feelings.How often do we stop to celebrate the little things in life that often mean so much? One of the things I did really well in 2017 is sleep.