Inspired by the promise of reward money, a friend led police to the men who had discussed killing the Columbo family with Patricia.

After the couple was arrested, De Luca's employees revealed that they had seen him washing and burning bloodstained clothes on the day after the murders.

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The pair later killed Frank, Mary, and Michael Columbo in order to receive the family inheritance, unaware that the Columbos had written Patricia out of their wills years earlier.

As a 16-year-old, Columbo worked in a suburban coffee shop where she met pharmacist Frank De Luca, who managed the pharmacy next door.

The two parole board members who voted in favor of her release in three previous attempts did so again. It will be three years before either can try again, said Ken Tupy, attorney for the Prisoner Review Board.

The two board members who voted for (Columbo's) release noted her good institutional record, and that she teaches arts and crafts, she had been doing social work and helping out other inmates, Tupy said.

I feel satisfied that justice continues to be served.

That they are where they need to be, and the community and the family doesn't need to worry now for at least three more years.Apparently, he had kept them silent by threatening their families.While in jail, De Luca attempted to have these witnesses killed by a cellmate, but another inmate thwarted the plan by telling the police.They then bludgeoned Mike with a bowling trophy and stabbed him nearly 100 times with scissors.Police questioned Patricia but had no reason to suspect her until the following week.She ultimately executed her plan on May 4, 1976, with the help of Deluca, her 37-year-old boyfriend.