After Andy and Katie separated, Robert got together with her and she became Robert's fiancee, but she left the village after she discovered that Robert had an affair with Sadie King.

Rebecca became pregnant with Robert's baby, leading to the breakup of Rebecca and Ross Barton, as well as Robert and Aaron.

Robert was enraged, blaming Rebecca for his and Aaron's split, and conducted a plan to take Home Farm from the Whites.

After Jack was acquitted of starting the fire, Robert found out that Andy was responsible for Sarah's death and, devastated, left for Spain to stay with his grandmother Annie.

Robert returned a few months later and a bitter feud started developing between him and Andy, causing trouble for Andy and his girlfriend Katie Addyman.

Robert Jacob Sugden is the son of Jack and Pat Sugden, brother of Jackie Merrick, the half-brother of Tommy Merrick, Sandie Merrick and Victoria Sugden, and the adoptive brother of Andy Sugden. Robert had a good childhood, but his life became hectic after his father Jack had an affair with Rachel Tate in 1997 and his adoptive mother Sarah had an affair with lodger Richie Carter in 2000.

His adoptive brother Andy accidentally killed Sarah when he started a barn fire in order to claim on insurance when the farm was going through financial troubles.Robert returns Seb to Home Farm, where a distraught Rebecca accuses him of taking Seb, and reveals Robert's plans to take Home Farm from them.A fuming Chrissie makes clear that she blames Robert for Lachlan's disappearance before throwing Robert out, telling him to never step foot in Home Farm again, before threatening to kill Robert if anything has happened to Lachlan.When Robert was four months old, his mother was killed in a car crash and Jackie was killed in a shooting accident when he was three.Shortly after this, Sandie leaves and Robert loses contact with his maternal family.However, when Rebecca gave birth to Sebastian in November, Robert began to change, and stopped his plan to take over the business.