In April Rodgers was seen with actress and model Kelly Rohrbach.

Over the weekend he was reportedly seen on a date with former Harvard soccer player Marie Margolius.

But the social media pat on the bum comes on the heels of her fighting off rumors that she’s dating Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. The official record still has Vonn dating Kenan Smith, who was a low level assistant coach for the LA Rams before he was fired this past spring along with the entire Jeff Fisher administration.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn broke up this spring.

When it came to what they ordered from the menu, Rodgers indulged in a bacon cheeseburger and a glass of Malbec. "He wore his hat tilted very low, and Marie did most of the talking to staff,” the source adds.

“They seemed pretty comfortable with each other." It's unclear whether Aaron was laying low so that ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn did not get wind of the date.

Page Six says Margolius professionally at Ope IF, which according to Wikipedia is a club in Sweden’s 4th division.

There’s no indication if she still plays there so Page Six’s use of the term “star” in their headline may be a bit strong. Parting ways with Olivia did not miraculously fix Aaron's relationship with his family, however.In fact, he is still very much estranged from them.Witnesses tell us Rodgers and Rohrbach appeared to be holding hands and looked flirty -- until they noticed people watching them.Both Rodgers and Rohrbach are avid golfers -- so maybe it was just a platonic trip to the links. After Rodgers broke up with the actress in April, he and Rohrbach went public.