If you have a friend or family member who's in the hospital, bring them a blanket. A little batch of cookies or brownies goes a long way with the nurses. I wanted to at least stimulate the idea of having a plan. Although, in fourth or fifth grade, there was some crazy snowstorm in Atlanta [where she grew up].

They're always going to be cold, and the blankets they give you in the hospital don't cut it. CNN: Can you give me an example of a topic you had to research? I was stuck in carpool on the way home from school with eight people for eight hours.

Tahari: Ninety percent of the book came from actual experiences I've lived through myself. I'm like, "Dad, you're not supposed to do that." Tahari: I definitely think he is taking after me.

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We will pick one winner (or maybe three) and send you a signed copy of my next book.

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The first list I really remember making was taking an inventory of every piece of clothing in my closet and seeing how many different outfits I could make. Preliminary information needed: - Family doctor's name and number- Estate lawyer's name and number- Location of will - Social Security number - Mother's maiden name - Address - Date of birth - Place of birth - Father's name - Proof of military service (if applicable) - Date, place, cause of death - Occupation and date last worked - List of people important to deceased (closest friends, boss, etc.), their names and phone numbers - Location of the family plot - List of bank accounts, bank safe deposit boxes and IRA account information - Life insurance policies CNN: The book covers such a wide range of topics: weddings, the home, pregnancy, travel, medical, emergencies, divorce and more. Jeremey: I would write down stuff on paper and then stick it on the drawers in the hotel [so he knows where everything is].

How many of these lists are or were based on your own organizational needs? My dad, when he's packing, he just takes all the clothes and goes like this [imitating his dad's voice], "Jeremey, help me throw in the clothes." I try to fold them up and put them in.

[She has a degree in journalism and is a former TV producer.] I fell off a horse two years ago, and I broke my back. If you're in the middle of an emergency, you're not going to grab the book." Obviously, you're not going to have the book with you in the middle of the emergency. But I lived through at least three tornados in Atlanta [Georgia], one terrorist attack in New York and one blackout in New York. Jeremey: In school, I don't have such an organized desk because I'm always busy and don't have time to clean up.

I'd never been hospitalized before, so I never knew what it was like to be hospitalized. CNN: Some of these to-do lists seem more fitting and standard than others. And after the blackout, I realized my family doesn't have a plan.

You're meeting with a prospective babysitter or housekeeper, a stranger you'll entrust with much of your life. "I don't know how to operate other than to make a list." CNN sat down with Tahari to discuss when her list-making started, what she's passed on to her children (son Jeremey, 8, weighs in) and how being stuck in a snowstorm inspired her. CNN: You've earned the nickname "The List Mistress," but when did this, dare I say, obsession start?

If figuring out the answers to these kinds of questions leaves you loopy, Rory Tahari has a new book that may have your name on it.

Her suit alleges sex discrimination and retaliation and is seeking unspecified damages.

A lawyer for Tahari called Kolp “a disgruntled former employee who failed to perform her duties.” “The company looks forward to refuting these allegations in the appropriate forum,” lawyer Jessica Rosenberg said.

Noa Kolp says in her Manhattan federal court suit that Tahari cut down her 0,000 a year salary numerous times between 20 — and finally fired her after she announced she was pregnant.