I am having a hard time trying to find any like it. It has the dinner plates, cups, saucers, bowels, gravy dish, etc. As I do research online searching for Westinghouse china dinnerware, all I can find is information that the Hall China company made some dinnerware/china for Westinghouse, but the images I find are nothing like the set I have. The import of Noritaki to the US from Japan started in 1910 so is not considered "antique" by Chinese researchers.I am just trying to find out any additional information about this particular set. It would just be nice to know what the value of it is.  e_Noritake_China I have a vast collection of antique dishes left to me by my father who recently passed.

royal doulton identifying marks dating-27

A few examples of special marks are given below: Two different patterns of diamonds were used but so far as the Doulton Lambeth Wares are concerned one need only consider the following: Introduced in to replace B.

Our world famous figures, ornaments and fine china take shape before your eyes as you are guided through every facet of our centuries old creative art.

However, this date coding system seems to have been discontinued by the s.

There is an old rule of thumb for dating Doulton figurines; where you add 27 to the small and hardly visable number to the right of the Doulton backstamp. The year was taken as a convenient cut off point, but in fact figure production was phased out rather than coming to a halt as the war time restriction of decorative china production took hold.

If you're planning on selling the pieces, be aware that an antique dealer will probably realistically only offer you about 25-30% of what your pieces are worth; and selling them as a complete set on e Bay may not be the way to go, either shipping rates for weight for a large lot of dinnerware tends to bring out the buyers who want to let's-make-a-deal on the cost of the items to offset the shipping expense--and you also have to take into consideration the aggravation and possible breakage in transit that can go hand-in-hand with mailing huge boxes of dinnerware.)If it were me, and I wanted to sell them, I'd break them up into small sets, like four dinner plates, four bread & butter plates; four soup bowls and so on making separate auctions.

Looking around on e Bay and other websites is showing it not uncommon for a dinner plate alone to be going for and up.(I've been selling, mainly pottery, on e Bay for about eight years.If you can decipher the markings and determine a name then you can check for prices/value at Replacements as they have a large variety of china. They are all blank, until I saw the image of the face. I don't know the value of your set, however, a bit of searching for "Japanese china with image of geisha in cups" might help. :)I need help to find out information on 22k china plates?Here is a link to help you get started.https:// china/manu/Does anyone recognize this? There were several sites that came up when I googled the topic, with different images and designs. I want to know what year they were manufactured and if they are worth anything. I have some antique dishes, Flying Turkey, with the "M" mark in a wreath, "T" mark in a wreath or triangle, and "TT" in triangles. Though you're dating them early 19th C., Noritake used the M ( yep, an M, not an N) within wreath mark from around 1914 when they started to do a lot of exporting up to 1940. Of course if you do not have a name that would be hard to do. Turkey is also known as Blue Phoenix; you may want to Google "Noritake pottery marks".It should be noted to all buyers and collectors that the registration number does not give the date of manufacture for a specific piece but only when the design was first protected.