In a recent and lively study by psychologists Neill Korobov and Justin Laplante of the University of West Georgia, the authors investigated whether improprieties between potential romantic partners could establish a sense of connection, and promote intimacy between them.

Though counterintuitive, previous research reveals that breaches in decorum can actually produce positive results. F: She seems very, I don’t want say dingy cause that’d be rude.

She then proceeded to tell me that one of the factors to why they offered me the job is because I seemed to have a strong interest in the company and because I sent them a thank-you note that reiterated my interest.

In fact, they were leaning towards another candidate but because I was very interested in the company and seemed “100%” about it, they chose me.

Now, for something sarcastic and fun, here are some songs for a few of the one-date wonders in my life over the past few years.

For the seldom available narcissist: You’re so Vain For the guy who can’t stop talking about money Bills, bills, bills For the liar (profile, photo, etc.): All Men are Liars For the handsome one you know is trouble: Cowboy Casanova Four songs for all the single ladies: Single Single Ladies Men in this Town Independent Women What songs are in your playbook?

So of course Company A was surprised and probably a bit annoyed when you told them that you were evaluating other options.

Here’s the thing: It’s totally fine to ask for time to think over the decision.

But what you can’t do is keep putting Company A off or, even worse, take the offer from them and then bow out later if Company B comes through. You’re new to the work world and handled this all honestly, neither of which are bad things.

It only took a few notes for me to flashback to my first out-of-the-divorce-box relationship.

But say it’s because you want to make absolutely sure it’s the right choice for you, your finances, whatever.