Three attacks were carried out by women, including one of the two perpetrators behind the 2015 San Bernardino shooting.We should note that some experts expressed concern that if the public debate around gun violence focuses too much on mass shootings, there’s a risk of overlooking the fact that gun murders disproportionately affect minorities, especially African-Americans.

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Some of the differences in the datasets are the result of having no universally accepted definition of mass shooting.

The number of mass shootings a group tallies can vary dramatically based on how the term is defined.

"The main concern is an underreporting problem that gets worse the farther back in time we go," Duwe told Politi Fact.

"This creates problems when it comes to drawing conclusions about trends in the prevalence of mass public shootings." Nevertheless, Duwe said his own research dating back to 1900 corroborates that white men have committed more mass shootings than any other group, though he believes white men make up an even larger share than the data show.

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Now with its Project Glass reality glasses Google wants to cut out the middleman – you. The United States Government is now using military drones to evict families from foreclosed homes.Under both definitions and datasets, white men have committed more mass shootings than any other ethnicity group.As much as I like to pore over polling data, focus groups offer color and texture that are missing from numbers on a page."There have been at least 184 mass public shootings in the U. since 1900, including the Las Vegas attack," Duwe said. So, the data actually underreport the extent to which whites are involved as mass public shooters." The vast majority of mass shootings is committed by men."Among these mass public shooters, non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent, which is close to what we see for the U. Looking only at the male population, some have argued that statistical claims based on data on the racial makeup of mass shooters leaves out important context.We’ve covered the demographics of mass shootings before but had not heard this specific claim. government entity specifically tracks mass shootings — much less, the shooters’ race and ethnicity, experts told us.