Much as I considered myself brave and individualistic, I liked—no, craved—their nods of approval, their smiles that said: With a little bit of help you could become even more like us.

I ate hundreds of Shabbat meals at other family’s homes, taking notes on how these mostly black-hat Yeshivish people disciplined their large broods, flirted (under the radar), dressed (in blue, black, and gray), and ate (they didn’t know from quinoa), as if by gathering enough information, I, too, would one day have a family like theirs.

They set me up on dates with accountants and dentists who’d gone to Torah Ve’Daas or some other respectable yeshiva. Nothing panned out, and at 30 I was done with eating at other families’ tables.

I was 30, single, working as a secretary, and living in Brooklyn just a scant block from the unremitting gray of Coney Island Avenue.

The thought of eight days of eating big meals in a sukkah, an outdoor wooden hut, filled me with a strange dread.

I’d left my beautiful Jerusalem to pursue a degree in creative writing, and also to find a good, like-minded man. What was I even doing in Brooklyn, a shadow of my vibrant poetic self, in ridiculously tight shoes?

In the absence of so much, couldn’t I at least have a sukkah? Singles, especially single women, at least in Brooklyn, are expected to attach themselves to other families’ sukkahs.

Friday’s lecture is followed by an 18 Performance happening at Ace Hotel from 9PM-1AM with Elysia Crampton, Haleek Maul, Embaci, D0uze, and CMU students.

This show features new voices traversing experimental club music, rap, Rn B, performance and noise from California, NYC, Barbados, and Pgh.

In 1997, high-schooler Tim Sweeney came to Pittsburgh to visit his brother John, the host of WRCT show “Hi Fi Breakdown” at the time.

John invited him on as a guest DJ, and two and a half years later he got his own radio show on WNYU Radio the now legendary Beats In Space.

Dear people, In years to come we will calculate our lives "impact on others" with the various bathroom encruchement - "I remember those taps/faucets", we left in the frame.