With the unification of the sixth and seventh signs of the zodiac chart―the perfectionist Virgo and the harmonizer Libra―comes an individual who is born to fill this world with beauty and art.

It will take a series of date before he decides whether the girl is the “One” for him.

It would be great for this lady to be involved with someone who will help her loosen up and realize that it’s fine not to be perfect.

The Sag doesn’t have the patience to linger and figure him/her out. On the other hand, the Archer will find Virgo too quiet and rigid.

Virgo prefers to stay home while Sagittarius wants to come out and play.

Virgo is structured while the Archer does thingshis/her way.

However, if Virgo and Sagittarius hook up when they are mature already, things will take a different turn.What makes this aspect all the more crucial-yet-problematic for these cuspians is the Virgo flair of achieving perfection in whatever they pursue, be it in a professional or personal front.The high-standards that override other aspects of a relationship can create issues in any relationship these cusps get into.However, the right person can change their perception on relationships.Sagittarians are best matched with people who share the same level of enthusiasm for life and understand their need for space. The Virgin is the planetary symbol of the sixth sign of the zodiac.