You do not want to work for someone who sleeps with an employee and then fires her when it gets messy for him.

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They invited me for an interview and asked me to come by the day before for “testing.”Today, I showed up for the “testing“ and discovered that I was expected to take the following tests: typing, proofreading, spelling, and writing a cold open email.

These tests were expected to take upwards of three hours. Am I crazy to think that this company is out of touch at best and clueless at worst?

I have never been asked to take these kinds of tests before.

Think of a director of marketing taking a typing speed test. I almost walked out several times, but I figured, “what the hell, at least it’s a good story.” I am now so turned off by this company that I am considering canceling my interview tomorrow.

There should be consequences to that, and you don’t need to protect him from those.

(And when you say “he can’t fire her because then HR would find out” — that’s a good thing.

This week she returned to work, working by herself on projects not directly related to our team.

Her manager reached out asking for our team’s discretion as she transitions back to work.

So what do you suggest I do to get out of this drama? It’s highly likely that HR is going to find out about this at some point.