All of the actions directed in the Secretary’s 10-point plan are currently underway or have been completed.

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Upon learning of these results, Secretary Johnson directed TSA to implement a series of steps constituting a 10-point plan to address the issues raised by the covert testing.

These included steps to ensure leadership accountability, improve alarm resolution, increase effectiveness and deterrence, increase threat testing to sharpen officer performance, strengthen operating procedures and technology, and enhance training.

The FY 2017 Budget provides funding to sustain and strengthen the critical mission of TSA – protecting the Nation’s transportation system and ensuring the freedom of movement of people and commerce.

Transportation, as you know, underpins the entire economic health of this country.

Some of these steps will take planning and investigation but they will be well worth the effort. Some will require a small investment but have a substantial long-term payoff.

Your ability to implement those will depend on available cash and your budget.

A disproportionate focus on efficiency and speed in screening operations rather than security effectiveness powerfully influenced organizational culture and officer performance.

As a result, there was significant pressure to clear passengers quickly at the risk of not resolving alarms properly.

We are challenged by a complex and dynamic threat environment, one in which the global terrorist threat has evolved from a world of terrorist-directed attacks to a world that includes the threat of terrorist-inspired attacks.